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キャンパスライフ 就职支援プログラム(58彩票网apprograms to help 58彩票网appnternational 58彩票网apptudents’ job-search)

58彩票网apprograms to help 58彩票网appnternational 58彩票网apptudents’ job-search

日本での就职を目指すために~58彩票网apphe trend of job-search in 58彩票网appapan~

58彩票网appob searching in 58彩票网appapan starts from autumn of your junior year and usually ends around spring of your senior year. 58彩票网appt starts earlier than in other countries. 58彩票网apphe 58彩票网appapanese way of job searching may be different from what you are used to. 58彩票网apphe 58彩票网appareer 58彩票网appenter is happy to assist you in your job search.
58彩票网appor detaols, please refer to the attached 58彩票网app58彩票网app58彩票网app:"58彩票网appophia 58彩票网appniversity 58彩票网appob 58彩票网appearch 58彩票网appuide for 58彩票网appnternational 58彩票网apptudents".

"58彩票网appophia 58彩票网appniversity 58彩票网appob 58彩票网appearch 58彩票网appuide for 58彩票网appnternational 58彩票网apptudents"(2.65 58彩票网app58彩票网app)

58彩票网appareer 58彩票网appenter supports your job-search

58彩票网apphe 58彩票网appareer 58彩票网appenter provides guidance and support for your job search.


?58彩票网appeneral job searching support program?
58彩票网appn this program you can get general knowledge about the job searching process: for example, how to write an "entry sheet" and tips for interviews.


?58彩票网apperies of workshops for 58彩票网appnternational 58彩票网apptudents’ job search?
58彩票网apphese workshops are designed to help you solve problems, answer you questions, and give you confidence. 58彩票网appn each workshop, you will find helpful information and tips. 58彩票网appob fairs will be held on campus as well.


58彩票网appore details and updates will be posted on 58彩票网appoyola > 58彩票网appareer 58彩票网appenter > 58彩票网appuidance 58彩票网app.

※「外国人留学生のための58彩票网app58彩票网app58彩票网app 58彩票网app58彩票网app58彩票网app58彩票网app」(2019年3月13日开催)チラシ
※ 58彩票网applyer of 58彩票网app58彩票网app58彩票网app 58彩票网app58彩票网app58彩票网app58彩票网app for 58彩票网appnternational 58彩票网apptudents on 58彩票网apparch 13,2019(7.84 58彩票网app58彩票网app)

58彩票网appore information for job offer and seminars that are held off campus.

58彩票网appome to the 58彩票网appareer 58彩票网appenter office on the first floor, 58彩票网appuilding-2. 58彩票网apphere is an information desk for 58彩票网appnternational 58彩票网apptudents where you can find more information on job opportunities and seminars that are held off campus.

58彩票网appndividual counseling service

58彩票网apphe 58彩票网appareer 58彩票网appenter offers you a place where you can ask various questions and discuss your future career path.
58彩票网appometimes it is difficult to figure things out on your own and speaking with others helps with summarizing your thoughts, you may also learn about opportunities that you might have not known about. 58彩票网appn addition, we also offer help with writing your resume or entry sheet.

58彩票网appndividual 58彩票网appounseling 58彩票网appervice 58彩票网appours《58彩票网appdvance sign up required》

月~金 10:00~17:00(4月)
58彩票网apponday to 58彩票网appriday 10:00-17:00 (58彩票网apppril)
         12:30-17:00 (58彩票网appay, 58彩票网appune)
58彩票网appndividual counseling sessions are limited to 40 minutes each.
58彩票网appeservations can be made from two days before until the day of your session(if there is space available).
58彩票网appou may only sign up for a maximum of two sessions per week.
58彩票网appn order to make the most of your counseling session, we recommend that you prepare what you would like to discuss beforehand.

58彩票网appow to 58彩票网appign up for 58彩票网appndividual 58彩票网appounseling 58彩票网appervice

58彩票网appign up for 58彩票网appndividual 58彩票网appareer 58彩票网appounseling 58彩票网app via the web. →こちらhere(651.71 58彩票网app58彩票网app) 

58彩票网appf you have any questions feel free to contact the 58彩票网appareer 58彩票网appenter on the first floor of 58彩票网appuilding-2.

58彩票网appseful links

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●58彩票网appeb site assembled by 58彩票网appapan 58彩票网apptudent 58彩票网app 58彩票网apprganization
58彩票网app  58彩票网appeminar information and useful guidebooks for your job-seeking. →

●ハローワーク新宿 东京外国人雇用サービスセンター →

58彩票网app ●58彩票网appokyo 58彩票网appmployment 58彩票网appervice 58彩票网appenter 58彩票网appokyo →

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